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Raphaële Marchal



by Raphaële Marchal 

Every year it’s the same: we tell ourselves, hey, I’ve never been there, we should rent a cabin and explore the area, before we realise we are buried in work and have no time to plan a holiday, or by the time we get round to it, it’s too late and everything’s booked solid, or we have friends inviting us to their place for the summer, or we just feel like going all out this year and end up in Bali (admittedly not the most common outcome). But no excuses this year! Money is tight (and we’re saving the planet) (and flights have all been cancelled), so forget Machu Picchu. As for Paris in August, we love it… but we need to escape it too.

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Back in 2014, Boffi Paris presented "Taken at the F(l)ood", a short film of a friendly band of contemporary Robinsons gathered on a beach in northern France to prepare and share a meal together. 

This is a film (and a meal) to be savoured, at once in nature and part of it, as the tide gently advances and ultimately washes in. Joyful, simple and ephemeral - what more could we hope for as we leave the city behind this summer?

Taken at the F(l)ood was created from an original idea by Marc Bretillot and Laurent Denize d'Estrées, with the collaboration of chef Alexandre Gauthier and photographer Louis Teran.

Production 14 Septembre