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Laurent Denize d'Estrées


Laurent Denize D’Estrées
CEO 14 Septembre

KIOSK by 14 septembre joins forces with Paris Design Week 2019 to rally, promote, enrich and share all the creative energy on show during this Parisian programme.

Discover 9 itineraries for this 9th edition, and an exciting theme - “Hybrid”.
New for this Parisian edition of KIOSK are the podcasts OFF Design, giving behind-the-scenes insights into projects by leading designers.
As with the first two editions (Milan, London), KIOSK is a useful tool for discovering all the latest news from our clients, as well as favourites from our teams and influencers.
You’ll also find interviews with design personalities making waves all over the world.
I hope you enjoy strolling the streets, making extraordinary discoveries and meeting exciting new contacts.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 10 - Tuesday - 14 SeptembrePauline Deltour
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

Pauline Deltour is our guest Today. This eclectic designer is telling us more about her background, why and how she became a designer. Reviewing her latest collaborations from PATIO, the outdoor collection designed for the French manufacturer Tolix to Monimalz, a connected game for children, Pauline Deltour talks about her recent projects as well as she unveils her taste and sensibility to arts and design in general.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 8 - Sunday - 14 Septembre
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

Elizabeth Leriche has been working for more than twenty years for the fields of textile, fashion, design, industry the home, etc. Her credentials include the layout of the ephemeral museum for Chaumet, the concept store La Trésorerie, the Redoute Intérieurs shop and of course the What's new spaces for M&0. For Kiosk she unveils her method, how she hunts trends every day,  and what are the main findings of this year edition.

Espace "What's new ?" / CARE 
Hall 4 / Elizabeth Leriche




Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 7 - Saturday - 14 SeptembreJOSE LEVY
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

He is an eclectic designer by nature and works with Carpenters workshop Gallery Saint Louis, Monoprix, Astier de Villatte or Lexon. For Kiosk he reveals the behind the scenes of his work for Hermes. Learn also about his grandparents and why he loves Japan so much.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 5 - Thursday - 14 Septembre
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

To introduce our podcast series called OFF DESIGN, we are thrilled to welcome MATALI CRASSET. She reveals the secrets behind the Parisian kiosque project, her love for Belleville, and even describes her own home. Enjoy her dialogue with Hélène Aguilar, from Où est le beau.

Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume


For this edition, we are happy to introduce a series of exciting podcasts called OFF DESIGN with Hélène Aguilar from Où est le beau?
Every day we will explore behind the scenes of a brand, or discover the secrets of a famous designer or architect.

Stay tuned!

Ready for a Design ride?

For this edition Kiosk is on wheel. Each day we will be exploring a different neighbourhood with our KIOSK delivery tricycle
On Thursday 5th follow us in Saint Germain, Friday 6th rue du Vertbois, Saturday 7th we will be around Bastille and the Marais, Sunday 8th we will bike to M&O, and end up Monday 9th around Opéra and Concorde.