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Denize d'Estrées Laurent Agence 14 Septembre
› Denize d'Estrées Laurent

To end this PDW19 in style, we asked Matali to describe herself, her way of working, her next TV project (Design Ludique & Politique), and what she likes during this PDW19 edition.

Matali Crasset: Design Ludique & Politique - Centre Pompidou from Septembre 16th.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 10 - Tuesday - 14 SeptembreBrompton Design District Late night opening
Bréas Laurène Agence 14 Septembre
› Bréas Laurène

Right after Paris Design Week, London Design Festival will start (14-22 September) - Brompton Design District will host a late night opening on Thursday 19 September. This is the perfect opportunity to visit the following stores & galleries...



The Conran Shop 




Society Limonta 


Tacchini & Disegno 

MDR Gallery 


The London Fountain Co.

Oficina Penades


Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume


Interview of Cyril Aouizérate, an alchemist + founder + CEO of the MOB Hotel.

The MOB HOTEL is a concrete utopia that is totally porous to its environment, anchored in places that are constantly changing and bringers of hope. Design and Art are fully embedded within the hotel and a key part of the Mob movement.

MOB HOTEL 6 Rue Gambetta, 93400 Saint-Ouen

Sara Henrichs Agence 14 Septembre
› Sara Henrichs


Interview of Christophe Hoffmann, founder of 25 Hours Hotel, located Gare du Nord.

- Who are you?

- A modern nomad, passionate storyteller and hotel romantic longing for the analogue


- How would you define your way of working?

- I love to work in an environment of flexibility, trust and freedom. I like to interact with other people and strongly believe that best things happen when you are amongst inspiring people. For creating interesting and sustainable concepts it is important for me to create a network of like-minded people.


- What does Made in France/ French design mean to you?

- When it comes to French design I always connect in my mind with the beautiful antique markets such as in Saint Quen and L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue; this for me represents the tradition and art de vivre of the French.


- Why did you decide to open a 25 hours in Paris North

- It is the perfect 25hours neighborhood because it is melting pot, offers inspiration through people all over the world and sets itself apart from the typical exclusive Parisian arrondissements.


- How would you describe yourself in 1 word ?

- Curious


- you're German, what is your country's most emblematic design object ? 

- Porsche 911


-If you would be a (design or other) object what would you be?

- A motobecane racing bike…


Hotel 25hours Terminus Nord

12 Boulevard de Denain Oppsite, Gare du Nord, 75010 Paris

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 10 - Tuesday - 14 Septembre
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

Pauline Deltour is our guest Today. This eclectic designer is telling us more about her background, why and how she became a designer. Reviewing her latest collaborations from PATIO, the outdoor collection designed for the French manufacturer Tolix to Monimalz, a connected game for children, Pauline Deltour talks about her recent projects as well as she unveils her taste and sensibility to arts and design in general.

Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

For PDW19, the famous fashion designer Margaret Howell is hosting in her confidential boutique an exhibition around one English icon: the Brown Betty teapot.

The re-engineered Brown Betty teapot is the result of a three-year research and development project led by British ceramic designer Ian McIntyre. The exhibition shows the process of designing and developing one of the most manufactured teapots in British history.

As part of Paris Design Week we were lucky enough to interview Ian McIntyre. 

75008 PARIS

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 10 - Tuesday - 14 SeptembreIsabelle de Ponfilly
Sergeant Laura Agence 14 Septembre
› Sergeant Laura

Vitra's amazing showroom stands right in the middle of Paris, near the Opera House (5 Rue Boudreau, 75009 Paris).  Isabelle de Ponfilly,  Vitra France CEO, was kind enough to share with us her best addresses in the neighbourhood:

  • Restaurant: Paparazzi au 6 square de l’Opéra Louis Jouvet 75009 Paris 01 40 07 92 56. Italy charms in a beautiful Parisian frame

  • Café: The Printemps Terrasses @ 2 rue du Havre 75009 Paris, with cafés on the 7th floor and a panoramic view all over Paris.  The restaurant Perruche on the 8th floor offers a delightful garden. 

  • Gallery: Théâtre de l’Athénée @ 7 rue Boudreau 75009 Paris.

  • Store: Musée du Parfum de Fragonard @ 5 square de l’Opéra Louis Jouvet 75009 Paris. Learn the long history of Perfume by experts.

Voillot Aurélia Agence 14 Septembre
› Voillot Aurélia

We asked Jean Jacques N'Djoli to give his favorite pick for PDW19. Thank you JJ!

Jean-Jacques N'Djoli (@ndjolijean)  is a Parisian phenomenon. He shares with us his impertinent and playful relationship with design, from its fashion roots until today.

He also tells us about his favorite brands (and the ones he can see rising), his future collaboration and his eye (always right, yet colorful) on Paris Design Week 2019.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 9 - Monday - 14 SeptembreSOPHIE GUYOT
Lemonnier Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Lemonnier Guillaume

Daughter and granddaughter of fashion women, Sophie Guyot began her career in fashion alongside iconic designers of the 80s, France Andrevie and Jean Paul Gaultier. She worked for more than ten years alongside her mother Muriel Guyot, founder of the Parisian prêt-à-porter salon Atmosphere's. In 2002, she created and became Associate Director of the FAME universe, which brings together the most creative brands of women's ready-to-wear, in the ready-to-wear show Who's Next Paris. In 2015, she opens her consulting firm, SO ...

One of my favorite restaurants in Concorde! We go there for the authentic cuisine of Indochina and its unique flavors and also for the warm welcome of Barbara the boss and her team!

An institution of vintage fashion and couture in Paris. A unique place in the idyllic gardens of the Royal Palace.

A typical Parisian bistro as we like them!

Boutique offering everyday objects from Asia and Orient redesigned by designers. The restaurant adjacent to the shop, the "Yoko, is excellent.

A hotel bar with a warm and cozy atmosphere, close to the Tuileries Garden. The ideal place to meet the "Tout Paris" during Paris Fashion Week.

After doing the market, I love spending there to have a coffee with my daughter and buy some pastries for the weekend.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 9 - Monday - 14 Septembre
Fayard Lucie Agence 14 Septembre
› Fayard Lucie

5 questions to Stéphanie Bernede, Head of Purchasing and Collections at Arteum


1. Do you prefer M&O or Le OFF  ?
M&O by day and Off by night

2. What are you working on this year? 
Collectible of course at the 107Rivoli... Then, on the occasion of the Modern Maharajah exhibition, a patron of the 1930s, from 26 September 2019 to 12 January 2020, we will have products on both the modernism movement and the dream India. We will also have a selection of unique art and design pieces for Christmas.

3. Your favourite things this week? 
Syuro in exclusivity at the shop of Quai Branly
Collection mezcalienne,  Maison Marcoux et Constance Guisset at the Mexican cultural Centre
Decluuz, The Golden Ladies portraits, at the Belgian Embassy

4. How many PDWs have you attended? 
A certain number of

5. What is your most emblematic design object in the Collectible exhibition?
The Plastic Baroque Ceremonial tureen of James Shaw, as part of Collectible exhibition at the 107RIVOLI

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 8 - Sunday - 14 Septembre
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

Elizabeth Leriche has been working for more than twenty years for the fields of textile, fashion, design, industry the home, etc. Her credentials include the layout of the ephemeral museum for Chaumet, the concept store La Trésorerie, the Redoute Intérieurs shop and of course the What's new spaces for M&0. For Kiosk she unveils her method, how she hunts trends every day,  and what are the main findings of this year edition.

Espace "What's new ?" / CARE 
Hall 4 / Elizabeth Leriche




Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 8 - Sunday - 14 Septembre
Martineaud Cédric Agence 14 Septembre
› Martineaud Cédric

Cushion .... the latest fashion is CUSHION.

While browsing the aisles of Maison&Objet, you will surely notice the plethoric Lighting offer, there is something for everyone.  But the STAR of this 9th edition of M&0 is CUSHION! It is everywhere.

It comes in all shape, size, style and price. To be trendy, you have to accumulate them and make your sofa disappear under a beautiful mix and match.  You can change your interior in a second and create each season a new atmosphere. But don't forget if it is made of hemp, it's even better!

We spotted for you: (Hall 6 — Stand K22 / L21) (Hall 5A — Stand M24 / N23) (Hall 5A — Stand Q89) (Hall 5A — Stand O82) (Hall 5A — Stand O107) (Hall 6 — Stand C16 / D15) (Hall 5A — Stand N24 / O23)

Silva Anastasia Agence 14 Septembre
› Silva Anastasia

Laëtitia Fortin's passion is leather.

She cuts and folds it in minute detail to create both sensitive and poetic pieces.

Her approach is quite close to architecture : creations are made of clear and pure lines, following an apparent simplicity.

At Maison & Objet, she presents a remarkable piece : a “cape” (almost an armour) sublime combination of china pieces and leather, meticulously assembled. Simply stunning. 

(Hall 5A — Stand I41)


  • MICKEY ROCK-Leblon DelienneMICKEY ROCK-Leblon Delienne
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

Here is our trendsetter’s picks for this edition.
Don't miss them!

DCW EDITIONS - BOUCLE by Eric de Dormael - (Hall 6 — Stand I16 / J15)

KANN DESIGN - (Hall 6 — Stand N16)

PULPO - Stellar grape (Hall 6 — Stand N26 / O25)

MAGIS - Linnut by Oiva Toikka (Hall 6 — Stand J30 / K29)

THEIA - Floral Tile 

IBRIDE - Morphose (Hall 6 — Stand M10)

SERAX - V-base cuisson by Piet Boon (Hall 6 — Stand E26 / F25 // Hall 4 — Stand G14 / H13)

AMES (Hall 6 — Stand O82 / P81)

ETHNICRAFT - Oak bok dining chair (Hall 6 — Stand G26 / H25)

LEBLON DELIENNE - Mickey Rock by Arik Levy (Hall 6 — Stand P53)

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 8 - Sunday - 14 SeptembreMAISON DE VACANCES
Martineaud Cédric Agence 14 Septembre
› Martineaud Cédric

TREND: Au poil !

Winter will be hygge (again).

Scandinavian trend that has been booming in deco magazines for more than ten years and finally, slowing a bit... but still "slow life" is not dead. And how can it be better incarnated than in fur? It is actually everywhere: soft, colorful and long, on cushions, blankets and even furniture. No need to think twice this winter, program is simple... a good book, a coffee coiled in your Alpaga blanket, right next to the fireplace! (Hall 7 — Stand G187) (Hall 7 — Stand E165 / E173) (Hall 6 — Stand L26) (Hall 6 — Stand K22 / L21)

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 8 - Sunday - 14 SeptembreConcrete
Voillot Aurélia Agence 14 Septembre
› Voillot Aurélia

If concrete was Le Corbusier's favorite material, it also pleases very much the public, still very appealed by the roughest materials. 

You will thus find multiple Maison & Object pieces made from it but the one not to be missed is LCDA concrete stand. You will be thrilled to touch the wonderful wall panel co-creation with Sebastian Heckner and Rodolphe Parent, filled with surprising sensuality.

Hall 6 — Stand O102 / P101

  • Elizabeth LericheElizabeth Leriche
  • Elizabeth LericheElizabeth Leriche
  • François BernardFrançois Bernard
  • François DelcauxFrançois Delcaux
Martineaud Cédric Agence 14 Septembre
› Martineaud Cédric


Each session, Elisabeth Leriche, François Bernard and François Delclaux offer us a look at what's trending. The «What's New » spaces provide ideas, points of view, and inspiration to buyers.

For this edition, Chantal Hamaide joined them and worked on the changing world of work. She put a fine and accurate selection of the office world. Discover the selection of these four exceptional personalities.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 7 - Saturday - 14 Septembre
Bréas Laurène Agence 14 Septembre
› Bréas Laurène

Right after Paris Design Week, London Design Festival will start (14-22 September)

These are 10 events/installations not to miss during this edition!


1/ I-Made - Italian Manufacture Art & Design Exhibition @ Saatchi Gallery

2/ Late night opening of Brompton Design District on the 19 September

3/ 'Sea things' by Sam Jacob at the V&A

4/ Makerversity’s Civic Hacks at Somerset House

5/ Mint Gallery explores unconventional design with Raw, an exhibition with a “focus on minimising our impact on the environment”

6/ Viaduct Furniture is exhibiting pieces from companies with “strong sustainable policies” including Mattiazzi, Nikari and Zanat.

7/ 'Bambou Ring': Weaving into Lightness by Kengo Kuma at the V&A

8/ ‘Life Labyrinth’ immersive installation in Westminster Cathedral Piazza 

9/ Boffi, De Padova, MA / U Studio & ADL product Launch on Brompton Road

10/ Disco Carbonara by Martino Gamper at Coal Drops Yard.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 7 - Saturday - 14 SeptembreP.A Delaplace et Alf
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

Pierre Alexis Delaplace, Kerzon founder (with his brother Etienne) loves his neighborhood. He shared with us his tips but also his tops for PDW19.


J'aime beaucoup

- la collection Mezcalienne de Maison Marcoux dans les vitrines de l'Institut culturel du Mexique qui propose une version ultra moderne et douce des poteries fabriquées en argile noire dans la région de Oaxaca.

- Le Jardin vertical de Antoine Lesur à la bibliothèque de Paris rue pavée . L'idée est belle, la réalisation parfaite et j'aimerais imaginer en installer à tous les coins de rue. 

- J'ai aussi découvert les luminaires de Boutures à Grand Control, dont je trouve les jeux de transparences hyper poétique.

Mes bons plans dans le quartier?

- Le stand (Marché des enfants rouges) qui proposent tous les jours deux super bowls vegan nommés avec beaucoup d'humour et des patisseries parfois un peu folles mais toujours délicieuses.

- La Maison Plisson parce qu'on y trouve tout ce qu'il faut pour bien manger, boire et se régaler dans la bonne humeur.

- Et la boutique Papier Tigre, liftée pendant l'été, pour découvrir leur nouvelle offre de carnets ultra personnalisés, pour rassembler toutes nos bonnes trouvailles.

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 7 - Saturday - 14 SeptembreUpcycling @MERCI
Mazelle Christine Agence 14 Septembre
› Mazelle Christine

For PDW 9th edition, Merci put together a series of upcycled objects, created by more than 10 international designers.

Pay a visit to Surcyclage/Upcycling, a New Lease on Life from 31 August until 21 September. 


111 boulevard Beaumarchais

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 7 - Saturday - 14 SeptembreSuperfront @PDW19
Cremoux Isabelle Agence 14 Septembre
› Cremoux Isabelle

Superfront is Superstrong. We love them, and we are sure you will as well. They design and manufacture fronts, handles, legs, sides and tops that fit Ikea's most common cabinets. They therefore custom our beloved Pax wardrobes or our Metod kitchen doors... simply unmissable.

This is their first time in France for PDW, come and meet them.

132 rue de Turenne

Paris Design Week - 2019 - September 7 - Saturday - 14 SeptembreSylvain Marcoux
Rousset Marie-José Agence 14 Septembre
› Rousset Marie-José

Sylvain Marcoux launched his Editing House in 2019, Maison Marcoux Mexico.

Maison Marcoux Mexico is the host of the Mexican Cultural Institute's windows from August 31st to September 16th and show the Mezcalienne collection by Constance Guisset during her residency in the Oaxaca region. Please don't miss this amazing vase collection!


Metro Filles du Calvaire

Ready for a Design ride?

For this edition Kiosk is on wheel. Each day we will be exploring a different neighbourhood with our KIOSK delivery tricycle
On Thursday 5th follow us in Saint Germain, Friday 6th rue du Vertbois, Saturday 7th we will be around Bastille and the Marais, Sunday 8th we will bike to M&O, and end up Monday 9th around Opéra and Concorde.