Philippe Starck

What made his heart skip a beat at this year’s edition

This page is his for the day. Philippe has kindly accepted to share his views and findings at the Salone. Let’s just enjoy what made our most celebrated French designer’s day.
Stay tuned until Tuesday April 9.

Philippe Starck

The world-famous creator with multifaceted inventiveness is always focused on the essential, his vision that creation, whatever form it takes, must improve the lives of as many people as possible.

This philosophy has made him one of the pioneers and central figures of the concept of “democratic design”. 

By employing his prolific work across all domains, from everyday products (furniture, a citrus- squeezer, electric bikes, an individual wind turbine), to architecture (hotels, restaurants that aspire to be stimulating places) and naval and spatial engineering (mega yachts, habitation module for private space tourism), he continually pushes the boundaries and requirements of design, becoming one of the most visionary and renowned creators of the international contemporary scene. 

Philippe Starck and his wife, Jasmine, spend most of their time on aeroplanes or in "middles of nowhere". We’re glad to have him for us, just for a day. 

Relive Milano 2019

“AMOR is light, new and very surprising.

It has a very particular spirit.

A modern, Venetian, elegant and even subversive decor.

The most important - the Venetian spirit, the creative and amusing Venetian genius.”


Philippe STARCK

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  • JasmineJasmine
  •  with Daniele Livi and Vittorio Livi with Daniele Livi and Vittorio Livi
  • Miroir à LumièreMiroir à Lumière

Caadre With Light, FIAM


“At FIAM, someone made a mistake. They wiped the Caadre mirror.

Then, with surprise, they discovered the light. And so, the iconic Fiam mirror became a luminous mirror.”


Salone del mobile - Milan 2019 - April 09 - Tuesday - Guest starMiroir Marlène

Miroir Marlène Glas Italia

"When human know-how and technology create a miracle, glass becomes graceful poetry»


For Glas Italia this year, I introduced a mirror called Marlene, a table called Mari Christal and a table called Lady Hio.



“The collection of outdoor lamps imagined for Flos is a little miracle.
The lightbulb has always been protected by a glass globe. Today, this disappears in
favor of light.
It is the both poetic and surrealistic idea of dematerialized architectural lighting and
the memory of the space occupied by the light.” Ph.S”

Each day its star editor

What an honor to have 6 celebrated Design and gastronomy ambassadors  to share their insight into this year’s edition of the Salone de Milano.
It’s honestly as good as a hall of fame: Patricia Urquiola, Philippe Starck, Patrick Jouin, Luca Nichetto and the amazing duo Fabio Pisani and Alessandro Negrini.