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DAY 3 // Contract office furniture 

My top picks today for furniture that inspires creativity in the workplace: 

Be sure to check out these international brands: 


 Creating beautiful and memorable spaces,  transforming them into a destination where people can work because it makes them feel good


"How you sit is how you feel"  -  this office chair is so comfortable, and is designed so that you have to sit up straight  -  great for your posture!


Designing and manufacturing intelligent furniture that addresses the ever-changing needs of space requirements... a lovely mix of wood and felt.


I love this LUCIO LOUNGE by Sebastian Wrong as it combines maximum comfort with minimum weight. The result ?  A super-comfortable lounge chair that’s easy to move and has a distinctive, graphic profile.


Lemonnier Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Lemonnier Guillaume

INSTALLATION // Office hockey

Who said office chairs were boring? 

The iconic Aeron chair by Herman Miller certainly proves this isn't the case...  a real American sport comes to Clerkenwell this week. 


Spotted at: Herman Miller, Brewhouse Yard



  • OndarettaOndaretta
  • OndarettaOndaretta
Lemonnier Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Lemonnier Guillaume

My favourite today : Ondaretta

 Spanish furniture brand Ondaretta have a beautiful collection in contemporary hues and clean lines. Using raw materials and inspired but the surfaces, that adapt to our shape and movement, like sand on a beach.  The way their furniture is configurated aims to bring people closer together, establish links and strengthen relationships... bringing charm and comfort to meeting and facilitate conversations. 

A creative collection for creative types -  I'm feeling inspired!


  • The classicThe classic
  • Space RepublicSpace Republic
Mitchell Rebecca Agence 14 Septembre
› Mitchell Rebecca

TREND  // The pod : the next generation phone box?

The famous red phone booth is everywhere in London - and its taking over all the contract showrooms too!

It's back, but in an office version. Things getting a bit hectic? Your neighbouring colleague speaking too loudly? Phones going off all at once?  
After a rise in open space plan offices, workers are now looking for some peace and quiet...  meet the pod.

We've spotted a huge range of different models, here's our top selection. 


  • KIOSK scenographyKIOSK scenography
  • GienGien
  • Flax acoustic panel, PLA by VarianFlax acoustic panel, PLA by Varian
  • Chers Parisien by Maison Fragile / Ober Surfaces Chers Parisien by Maison Fragile / Ober Surfaces
  • Sammode Studio x Pierre Guariche Sammode Studio x Pierre Guariche
Bréas Laurène Agence 14 Septembre
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KIOSK Pop Up // Made in France design

At 14 Septembre we like to do things differently!

KIOSK is not just online!  It's also a beautiful showcase of Made in France brands at our pop up showroom. 

We were proud to display work by our clients, in a bespoke scenography by the 14 Septembre creative studio. 

  -  Maison Fragile

 -  Gien 

 -  Sammode Studio 

 - Ober Surfaces

 - CELC - The European Federation of Flax and Hemp 

 -  Maiori 


Clerkenwell Design Week - 2019 - May 23 - Thursday - 14 Septembre
Mitchell Rebecca Agence 14 Septembre
› Mitchell Rebecca

TALKS // Conversations at Clerkenwell : Wellbeing in the workplace

A hot topic this week - improving workplace environments through business strategy, design and products created with the intention of enhancing our wellbeing at work . 

We listened to On Office editor Jessica-Christin Hametner, chairing a fascinating talk with speakers 
 Jenny Jones,  Aki Soudunsaari and Neil Tomkinson to discuss how adaptable lighting, choice of colour, better air quality, nature and greenery and localised/personalised customisation can contribute to our emotional and physical states at work. The conclusion: create interiors that look after all of our senses for a happier and healthier work-life balance. 


Clerkenwell Design Week - 2019 - May 23 - Thursday - 14 Septembre
Bréas Laurène Agence 14 Septembre
› Bréas Laurène

We interviewed Carrie Maxwell, part of the Once Upon A Time project. The result of a collaboration between Clerkenwell Design Week students from the Chelsea College of Arts illustrating historical tales of Clerkenwell. 


What were your inspirations?


My initial idea for this project was to get to know the meat market first. So after research about Smithfield Market’s history, as well as visiting the market during opening hours (Mon-Fri, 2am-8am). The workers and shoppers of Smithfield really inspired me! It would not be a market without the workers and shoppers. So, I decided to documents and celebrate worker’s hands from Smithfield Market.


Your top 3 street arts in London?


Let it go/ angry Stik by Stik on Grimsby Street. It is a great spot to capture wild Instagram poser on a Sunday on an off street of brick lane as well a Pokemon go gym, very entertaining spot!


To be honest, Grimsby Street is probably my favourite spot to check out street art whenever I’m visiting Brick Lane Sunday Market. It is a good retreat from the busy Market! 


Big fan of Cityzenkane’s work! You can always spot his work around London from small to large scale!

Our trendspotters on the ground

Max Fraser, Nicolas Roope and Cédric Martineaud.

The ones to watch…

Looking for inspiration in London?

Here’s a few ideas of who to follow this week -  leading designers and journalists in the industry.

Find out what they are up to during Clerkenwell Design Week so as not to miss a trick.

Come and say bonjour!

Stop by KIOSK by 14 Septembre, a new French design destination during Clerkenwell Design Week. We’ve brought you an innovative selection of our agency’s interiors clients from across the channel: Made in France lighting, furniture, tableware and material manufacturers from the likes of Sammode Studio, Maiori, Gien, Maison Fragile, Ober Surfaces and CELC - The European Confederation of Flax And Hemp.
Come and meet our London team and discover a selection of nouvelle vague petites maisons, classic greats and gallic savoir-faire.

Where to find us

Walk 5 minutes from Farringdon station, or jump off the bus at St John Street, and you’ll find us on the corner of Clerkenwell Green, at number 20. Nestled right in the centre, we’re a stone’s throw from Clerkenwell Design Week’s Project and Elements exhibits. A happy coincidence, our So French!showcase is almost directly opposite the British Collection exhibit – so come and say hi (but don’t mention Brexit).

KIOSK by 14 Septembre

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