Clerkenwell Design Week - 2019 › May 21 - Tuesday

  • Carmen Lyngard Carmen Lyngard
  • Kei TominagaKei Tominaga
  • Kei TominagaKei Tominaga
  • Hermine DoublonHermine Doublon


One of this years strong themes... here's my favourites: 

1. Carmen Lyngard

From Stoke on Trent, the modularity of these custom made ceramic crafted lamps is impressive.

Spotted at LIGHT, Fabric 

2. 3. Kei Tominaga

She likes to sheet metals, especially soft metals such as silver, gold, copper and iron. 

I love the purity of her work that reflects her sensibility and Japanese culture. She manages to find the true essence of form.

Spotted at PLATFORM, House of Detention

4. Hermine Doublon 

We found a Frenchie!  I love this  ceramic tableware collection because they are as delicious to look at as I imagine they are to eat from. 

Spotted at PLATFORM, House of Detention

5. Gwendoline Porte 

She was inspired by railway tracks to create multiple modules that can be used in lots of different way for furniture. 

Let's get creative!

Spotted at PLATFORM, House of Detention

  • AectualAectual
  • Evan James Design Evan James Design
  • David Irwin x Brute David Irwin x Brute 
  • Graft table by Forest to Home x STACGraft table by Forest to Home x STAC
  • Pluck KitchenPluck Kitchen

DAY 1 // Best of British by CEDRIC MARTINEAUD

Our creative director Cedric Martineaud has been hot on his feet today!

Here's his best picks of British design  -  from design greats to young emerging talents. 

1. Aectual Floors

Innovative 3D printed flooring system with a terrazzo infill -  sustainable, tailor made and trendy!


2. Evan James Design 

Wall panel made from flexible wood strips in different colours, that you can compose as you wish to create wall pieces.
Perfect for both interiors and outdoor use! 

Spotted at PLATFORM

3. David Irwin x Brute 

A beautiful range of textiles created by this British product designer in collaboration with Bute fabrics. /


4. Graft table by Forest to Home x STAC

Crafted by his table in a mix of natural oak, marble and metal is from one of the UK's most sustainable and environmentally conscious residential furniture makers.


5. Pluck Kitchen 

Simple, beautiful with contemporary colours and clean lines for clutter free kitchen spaces.


  • HaberdasheryHaberdashery
  • Once Upon a TimeOnce Upon a Time
  • Timber construction at St John's ArchTimber construction at St John's Arch

DAY 1 // Top tips from Max Fraser 

1. Lighting brand Haberdashery show off  their new light on what is normally a dance stage at Fabric nightclub. 

2. Me talking about one of the graphic installations as part of the ‘Once Upon A Time’ project with graphic design students from Chelsea College of Art & Design

3. The timber construction conceptualised by 14&15 yr old students and facilitated by practicing engineers. A project by the charity Scale Rule and located in St John’s Arch

Clerkenwell Design Week - 2019 - May 21 - Tuesday - 14 Septembre
Martineaud Cédric Agence 14 Septembre
› Martineaud Cédric

Here are seven routes to follow if you only have two hours to stroll through CDW.

Route # 1: Light

Light exhibition (Fabric Nightclub, 77A Charterhouse Street, EC1M 6HJ)  

Showrooms: Bert Frank, Calex holland, Mount Lighting, Imagin Lighting, Grok 

Route # 2: British brands

British Collection (Crypt on the Green, Clerkenwell Close, EC1R 0EA)

Showrooms: Dare studio, West & Reid, Benchmark, Channels, Hand and Eye.

And don't forget to pay us a visit, as we are just in front with a collection of French Brands (20 Clerkenwell Green
EC1R 0QE).

Route # 3: Deco

Design Fields (Spa Fields, Northampton Road EC1R 0DF) 

Showrooms: Abitex, Bute Fabrics, Geberit , Humanscale, Piaval.

Route # 4: Emerging talent

Platform (House of Detention, 12 Sans Walk, EC1R 0AS)

Showrooms: Glas design, ROAR Creativity, Olenka, Spitfire Furniture, Trouping color.

Route # 5: Contract

Project (Garden of St James, St James Walk, EC1R 0EA) 

Showrooms: Modulyss, Pyro + Echo, Rigg, Orn, Création Baumann.

Route # 6: Equipment

Elements (St John’s Square, EC1M 4DS) 

Showrooms: Bisque, Billi Uk, Dowsing & Reynolds, Harbrine, Designer doorway.

Route # 7: Craftsmanship & glamour

Details (The Order of St John, St John’s Square, EC1V 4JJ)

Showrooms: Calderdale, Muraspec, WOW Glass, Kasthall, Arte.

  • G30 floor lamp (1952)G30 floor lamp (1952)
  • G21 Floor lamp (1951)G21 Floor lamp (1951)
  • G61 Table lamp (1959)G61 Table lamp (1959)
Mitchell Rebecca Agence 14 Septembre
› Mitchell Rebecca

We all love an icon… meet French design legend Pierre Guariche. 


Step back in time and discover a classic collection by one of the most prolific designers and interior architects of the 1950s. In 2019,  Sammode Studio - leading French lighting design-manufacturers - are reissuing a selection of his iconic luminaires.  Welcome to the Sammode-Pierre Guariche collection. 

Excuse the pun, but it’s no surprise this came to light -  Sammode’s aesthetic and technological quest has long been influenced by design principals established by Guariche himself. The affinities are legion and can be summed up in a single word: innovation.

A true pioneer, Guariche invented a huge range of technical solutions we use today : the adjustable balance arm, the cantilever, the pivoting and tilting arm, the ball jointed arm and spherical counterweights.  

He also introduced the codes of a radical aesthetic -  purity in line and totally original forms mixed in with an innovative technical approach his use of materials, especially metal. 

This is central to Sammode’s expertise in industrial lighting production and suitability today.  Faithful to the original designs and incorporating today’s technologies, the Sammode—Pierre Guariche models benefit, like all Sammode luminaires, from state-of-the-art production quality and Made in France manufacture.

Come and see them for yourself this week!


Clerkenwell Design Week - 2019 - May 21 - Tuesday - 14 SeptembreRebecca Mitchell & Laurene Breas 14Septembre London
Bréas Laurène Agence 14 Septembre
› Bréas Laurène

Join us to work or simply enjoy some sun in Clerkenwell, sat on the bench made by our own creative studio back in Paris! 

KIOSK by 14 Septembre

20 Clerkenwell Green
London EC1R 0QE

#14septembre #bestteam

  • Dominoté collection by Antoinette Poisson for GienDominoté collection by Antoinette Poisson for Gien
  • Dépareillées collection by GienDépareillées collection by Gien
  • Dépareillées collection by GienDépareillées collection by Gien
  • Dominoté collection by Antoinette Poisson for GienDominoté collection by Antoinette Poisson for Gien
  • Dominoté collection by Antoinette Poisson for GienDominoté collection by Antoinette Poisson for Gien
Bréas Laurène Agence 14 Septembre
› Bréas Laurène

Don't joke with Tea time!

When it comes to dinner plates or tea sets,  in recent years the tableware industry has seen a surge in colour and textures. Flat colour is almost a thing from the past, and the key to the perfect table is personalisation, feel and style. 

Tea time in the UK is no joke. Visit any London office between 3 and 5pm and you can be sure you'll find a few employees sipping the golden brew. And, whether it's simply with a splash of milk or served with a delicious cream scone, tea time is always 'lovely' , as the British would say.

But tea time has become a serious business in France as well. Almost exactly hundred years ago,  an Englishman by the name of Thomas Hall was eager to promote tea time and fine faïence in France and founded Gien. Originally producing sophisticated pieces of French-made faïence inspired by English know-how, today the brand is a decorative arts favourite, recognised the world over.

Keeping up with new trends, Gien has brought out new collections that feature an array of colours and shapes: 50 different patterns and over 3000 references, ranging from plates to unique hand-painted pieces, created both from archive material and by prominent contemporary artists. What a success! 

What's your favourite? We like the floral and geometric Dominoté collection,  in collaboration with up-and-coming wallpaper makers Antionette Poisson, as well as the more traditional motifs of Les dépareillées, from Gien’s 19th century archives. 


Clerkenwell Design Week - 2019 - May 21 - Tuesday - 14 SeptembreMary Castel, founder of Maison Fragile and @CDW19 this week
Gozé Guillaume Agence 14 Septembre
› Gozé Guillaume

3 questions to Mary Castel, founder of Maison Fragile.


How do you say “porcelaine” in English? What are the differences with French porcelaine ?

Firstly, we owe the invention of fine porcelain to the English, what we call “bone china”. It’s a mix of stone, kaolin clay and bovine bones... It’s incredible .

Secondly, the English are sort of obsessed with Tea Time, it’s a real passion! So they really cherish this moment with their teapot, cup and saucer. We call this “Shabby chic”, the mix of little flowers that are a bit “granny-style” but incredibly charming.

There are magnificent companies with incredible know how, I’m a real fan of Wedgewood, for their beautiful colour work on biscuit and for the delicate forms.


So far your collections focus on French characters  - Chers Parisiens-  who will be on the Dear Londoners list?

Elton John, Mick Jagger, Churchill and Princess Diana, obviously!


Are you team Kate or team Meghan?

Meghan is alternative and cool, she brings some real free spirit and open mindedness to the Royal Family, just like Diana did :-)

Welcome Archie ;)

I can't wait to buy a mug with his face on it! Which reminds me, the English also invented the portraits of the Royal family on collectable mugs and plates. They’re not always of the best quality, but it’s fun.

Our trendspotters on the ground

Max Fraser, Nicolas Roope and Cédric Martineaud.

The ones to watch…

Looking for inspiration in London?

Here’s a few ideas of who to follow this week -  leading designers and journalists in the industry.

Find out what they are up to during Clerkenwell Design Week so as not to miss a trick.

Come and say bonjour!

Stop by KIOSK by 14 Septembre, a new French design destination during Clerkenwell Design Week. We’ve brought you an innovative selection of our agency’s interiors clients from across the channel: Made in France lighting, furniture, tableware and material manufacturers from the likes of Sammode Studio, Maiori, Gien, Maison Fragile, Ober Surfaces and CELC - The European Confederation of Flax And Hemp.
Come and meet our London team and discover a selection of nouvelle vague petites maisons, classic greats and gallic savoir-faire.

Where to find us

Walk 5 minutes from Farringdon station, or jump off the bus at St John Street, and you’ll find us on the corner of Clerkenwell Green, at number 20. Nestled right in the centre, we’re a stone’s throw from Clerkenwell Design Week’s Project and Elements exhibits. A happy coincidence, our So French!showcase is almost directly opposite the British Collection exhibit – so come and say hi (but don’t mention Brexit).

KIOSK by 14 Septembre

20 Clerkenwell Green
London EC1R 0QE

Bus stop: St John Street /  Clerkenwell Green
Underground: Farringdon