Cédric Martineaud

Cédric Martineaud

Born in La Rochelle, Cédric Martineaud began his creative career in contemporary dance, which he practiced for 12 years before pursuing his studies in the arts.
Artistic director of Maison Stéphane Plassier for seven years, fashion, scenography and graphics become his means of expression. During this period, he applied his creativity to the fashion collections and the brand's communication, as well as creating the scenography for the exhibition "Mariage" at the Galliera Museum, and the decor of "Bérénice", directed by Lambert Wilson in 2001.

From 2004 onwards, he directed, among others, the exhibition "Ultra Peau" at the Palais de Tokyo in 2006, « Recettes d’architecte" at Boffi Cuisine in 2010, and the traveling exhibition celebrating the 100 years of Nivea in 2011, while continuing his work as artistic director and consultant for many brands.

In 2013 he became Creative Director of the agency 14 Septembre, bringing his know-how across a whole range of  design and  influence strategy. His knowledge of the lifestyle field and his natural curiosity nourish a relevant and forward-looking approach. Anxious to give meaning to the topics he addresses, he strives to bring substance to everything that he does.

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